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"Technology commercialization"


The Trade Mission's goal is to export Korean goods to foreign countries.

South Korea is a strong country in terms of industry and technology, and there are areas where firms may collaborate more closely in Southeast Asia, where the majority of developing nations are located. Technology transfer to developing nations with low labor costs and lots of potential, while boosting the manufacturing sector's competitiveness for the goal of exporting to other nations and the domestic market in Southeast Asia.

There are numerous ways to export technology. When establishing a JV (Joint Venture) in Southeast Asia, it is typical for Korean corporations to invest in technology and infrastructure, while local partners invest in plant and management locations, sales, and local factories to share business achievements.

It is also simple to export technologies. If the technology owned by Korean SMEs is truly needed by local Southeast Asian partners, the technology itself can be transferred and exported through a contract-based license.

Another way is to get royalties based on product sales in exchange for free technology transfer to manufacture finished products. Alternatively, there are many forms of collaboration, such as exporting core intermediates and progressively recovering earnings from technology transfers.

Technology commercialization is a specialist field where the requirements of local partners must be established beforehand, checking the range of technologies that the Korean ordering agency (Seller) can offer, and fostering collaboration between Government Agencies of both nations.

 SINASEAN has grown beyond trade missions to have a wide range of experience and cases in the commercialization of technology.

We hope that in the future, we will continue to grow as a trusted local partner, promoting exports not just of Korean items but also of technology and culture (service).



"Cooperation with Government Agencies"


We have experience in connecting to sign many cooperation agreements and MOUs between Local Government Agencies in Korea and Local Government Agencies in Southeast Asian countries, Export Support Agencies in Korea (such as Technopark-Technology Park, Promotion Agency) with agencies such as Export Support Agency, Department of Science and Technology, Investment Promotion Agency, Start-up Support Agency in other countries ASEAN.

Cooperation with foreign countries is gradually expanding beyond the realm of private partnerships, and cooperation signing sessions between the two countries (agencies) are also increasing day by day. Through the signing of cooperation agreements between two countries (agencies), the goal is to boost cooperation between enterprises assisted by the agencies in a more systematic and periodic way than before, following the win-win principle.

- Brother-by-oath (With a broad connotation that includes culture, science and technology, human-to-human interaction, and so on.)

- Provide support to small and medium-sized businesses when they go on simultaneous trade missions into the same nation.

- Technical cooperation (usually, Korea will do it through technology transfer and export, whereas Southeast Asia countries carry it out via technology transfer and import).

- Information sharing (sharing product/technical information of companies supported by both organizations)

- Intercultural exchanges (such as those involving small and medium-sized businesses, experts in science and technology, and delegations of university students);

- Assistance in promoting mutual cooperation between the two nations (by offering co-working space and other administrative support).

The following are the many MOU signing agreements for collaboration. The breadth of cooperation will be broader in the future than it was in the past. With a background in connecting and a network of relationships with Government Agencies in various Southeast Asian nations, SINASEAN is able to make concrete collaborations between agencies from the diverse items required by customers.