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"Market research comprehensively"


Identifying present and future industry groups and product trends in each market is crucial before developing an entry strategy for overseas markets.

General market trends can be partly researched via the Internet.

However, developing nations make up the bulk of the ASEAN market, and in many instances, there is little particular information, such as statistics, available online. Reality holds the key to this.

The SINASEAN company has qualified native human resources from organizations with legal standing in the host nations, and they will proactively travel to, explore, and study the relevant markets. As part of our field research, we examine the goods our rivals are selling, as well as their prices and distribution methods, among other things, before gathering and compiling the data.

We do not do market research to match the quantity required. As part of our market research, we elicit the issues and find solutions for our customers.

Our products are industrial goods Information on governmental bidding capital and environmental regulations would be helpful for us.

Our products are consumables. To reduce the cost of our products, we intend to manufacture them in Korea, establish a packaging factory in Vietnam, and export the finished product to Singapore. Please find us a packaging factory in Vietnam and a buyer in Singapore.

Any request you may have is welcomed. We will contact you first and deny the request if we are unable to assist. On the contrary, we will sign the contract and provide the information you need.


"Consumer Survey/Desk Research Method (Desk Research)"


Prior to being properly promoted and sold, all products must be developed to meet the consumer's needs. Small modifications to a product's packaging design, weight, price, or other aspects to fit the market being entered can have a significant impact on sales even while the product is still being developed.

"How can the product be sold successfully?" The solution is unknown to us as well. However, we may gain insight from local consumers—a consumer mindset that is close to the solution we need. In order to establish your company's product development and marketing strategy, we conduct an extensive investigation of potential customers.


"Apply for product license / Import services"


Commercial transactions must be conducted through official import and export after market research and buyer matching. Until the customer gets payment, export help is not fully finished.

There are nations where licensing and registration are quite challenging, like the Philippines, and there are nations where official import and export are simple, like Singapore. If the license is issued beforehand, in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, we do not encounter issues with official import and export.

We advise on licensing / license registration services / official import services at each SINASEAN legal entity so the fundamental framework can be set for products of customers to be officially exported to the ASEAN area.