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"Connecting experienced and systematically professional buyers"


The general trade mission deals with a wide variety of goods, but the buyer search is done in only one way. Finding a customer matching the qualities of each product and each company's offerings is crucial. Over the course of 10 years, SINASEAN has organized more than 500 conferences bridging trade and export, giving us the know-how to bring businesses satisfaction. Furthermore, we looked into what makes Mice Singapore unique in Southeast Asia and why they possess a potent cloud-computing buyer matching system.

SINASEAN places a premium on business satisfaction over the number of meetings or buyers, operating trade missions in which the business is the main focus.

If you're too desperate for prolonged trade connection conferences but getting no results, SINASEAN is here to get you through.




"Bridging buyers effectively following principles"


Since SINASEAN is a business matching organization, during the past ten years, we have facilitated more than 500 trade partnerships. There can be concerns from the perspective of the client company.

SINASEAN identifies and connects buyers who are appropriate for the products of the client company, whose needs are constantly changing. We always look for new customers.

There is the case of duplicate buyer, though. We run the trading connection according to the rule of duplicate buyers of less than 20% and absent buyers (or changes) of less than 10%. If the buyer is not there, we will also have other purchasers ready in advance to avoid wasting the client company's important time.





"Hội nghị kết nối giao thương trực tuyến”

Despite the fact that internet conferences must be limited owing to Covid-19, business must continue.
Thanks to techniques developed over the past ten years, SINASEAN is ideally suited to arranging online buyer connection trade congresses in the age of social distancing.
Online trade connection conferences in particular can connect companies with buyers around the world in a variety of methods, maximizing their edge in global marketing.
With our method, you not only attend a trade connection conference but also conduct business with the buyer directly, much as your business does when marketing to and negotiating with them.